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Clean Claim is our way

We send a claim only when the information is complete and accurate, includes all the records, documents, which enables the insurance company to process it in a timely manner. We make sure the first step of claim filing is thorough so that collection is not delayed, and insurance companies do not get a chance to deny the claims we submit.

Provider Enrollment / Credentialing

  • We do Provider Enrollment at no extra cost. Major insurances like Medicare and Medicaid need more time than HMOs. We complete and file CMS 855i and 588 forms on behalf of the providers and W9 forms (if required). Also hook up providers with various insurances to file claims and receive EOBs electronically.

Claims Management

  • Electronic Medical Claims Submission

    • We submit medical claims electronically to all accepting insurance companies, including, but not limited to, Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna and Workman’s Compensation. It ensures that the claims are submitted promptly and our clients are paid in a timely fashion.

  • Paper Claims Submission

    • Paper claims are submitted to smaller carriers who do not accept electronic claims.
  • Secondary Insurance Submission

    • We submit all secondary and tertiary insurance claims for our clients.

  • Claims tracking and follow-up of denials

    • We conduct all necessary follow-up of claims: researching and reviewing unpaid and denied claims in order to ensure maximum insurance reimbursement.

Receivables Management

  • Payment Posting

    • We post all payments received by insurance carriers and patients and notify the patient of any required deductible and/or co-pay.
  • Patient Invoices

    • In case of any co-pay or deductible, we send the invoice to the patient for their responsible amount and also ensures that the payment is received.

Outstanding Claims Follow Up

  • We review receivables report and determine if past due claims are eligible for submission or resubmission. If so we will process those claims and provide follow-up and collection services.

Wellcare Services

  • We send timely appointment reminders to patients.
  • Maintaining cordial relations with clients is a very crucial but time consuming for a healthcare professional. We take care of this. Our trained staff will send patients greetings and wishes from time to time to keep them in your good books.

Others Services 

  • Procurement of necessary paper work: we get the required paper work if needed for the Doctor’s Office.
  • Authorization Services: we review authorizations for  patients and will file for renewal of authorizations from the insurance company as needed.
  • Patient Information Update: we keep track of patient’s insurance and other information and update them as and when needed.

IT Services

  • We also provide Information Technology related services from small computer needs to complex installations, softwares and technical support.